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If you are hurt on the job, you need a lawyer with experience and expertise you can rely on. For 25 years, we’ve concentrated on fighting for injured workers. We have the skill and the knowledge to ensure you get the best result possible. Call today to discuss your case, with no obligation.


After a work accident, you may face prolonged medical treatment and rely upon your disability benefits to make ends meet. The law says you’re entitled to it, but insurance companies fight to deprive you of those benefits.

At TurcyChute, we’ll fight to get you the treatment you need, with doctors you choose, and we’ll make sure you get paid during your disability. We have the experience and skill that have enabled us to obtain millions of dollars of awards and settlements for our workers’ compensation clients.

We have helped thousands of clients over the past 25 years successfully resolve their workers’ compensations claims. Let us help you.

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During the course of a workers’ compensation claim, workers may be disabled for prolonged periods. They may be entitled to receive Social Security Disability benefits, in addition to their workers’ comp disability pay. At TurcyChute we will help you obtain those additional SSD benefits that you may be owed. There are no charges or attorneys fees paid up front. We are only entitled to fees when we successfully obtain your benefits.

When a client is injured to the extent that he or she cannot return to their former employment, they stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income, pension and health insurance benefits. TurcyChute makes it a priority to help our clients overcome these setbacks and we’ll listen to you to resolve the claim in a way that fits you as an individual. Whether it is through re-training for an alternative type of work, returning to school or settling the case for a lump sum of money based upon your lost wages, TurcyChute will fight for you to obtain the best result possible.

While most firefighters and police officers are covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act, other state laws extend additional benefits to these public safety employees. It takes experience and knowledge of PEDA, PSEBA and the Illinois Pension Code to pursue these claims properly and effectively. We have successfully handled many firefighter and police officer workers’ compensation claims, and have also assisted them in winning their duty disability pensions, as well.

Many workers who perform repetitive tasks on the job may sustain injuries as a result of these multiple, “mini-traumas.” Carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and cubital tunnel syndrome in the elbow are the most well-known, but repetitive trauma injuries can occur in any part of the body. Recent changes in our law seek to limit injured workers’ recoveries for these types of injuries. We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve in these cases.

In many respects, the right to medical treatment is the most important benefit available to injured workers. As medical costs increase, insurance companies have sought to limit medical treatment. We fight every day to get our clients full access to the treatment they need and when it is necessary, we’ll keep those medical rights open for our client’s lifetime.